Customized Google Maps

My cellphone is attached to my hip – almost surgically :). On this cellphone I’m forever using Google maps. It’s a great feature with its road layout layer and satellite layer, however, at times I need it to locate to specific POIs (points of interest) or trails, etc. I have found a way of creating custom Google map layers with the help of QGIS software, a bunch of file formats  and map resources (satellite images,…

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Bruce Grey Newsletter – Fall 2017

HI I had the opportunity to write an article, Firewood: Mysteries of BTU and Cord Measurements, for the Bruce Grey Woodlot Association recently. I encourage all interested in our woodlands to join this very active organization – contact them at This edition includes articles on: · Heating With Wood · Firewood: Mysteries of BTU and Cord Measurements · Nature Preschools · Forest Health Review for Grey-Bruce · EAB: Don’t Kiss All Your Ash Goodbye…

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Great Year in Forestry Diversity

This was my first full year in the south-western part of the Ontario. I had the opportunity to participate in an excellent energy filled woodlot conference in the Grey Bruce. One interesting contract had me working with an enthusiastic team from Bruce Tree Experts preparing an inventory for a potential natural gas corridor. That was a great opportunity to intertwine forest inventory design, GIS, GPS and spreadsheet analysis all into one contract. The Managed Forest…

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It’s taken a bit of time, but here we are! I’m setting up this website to provide forest based information, links and of course my services. My background as a registered professional forester for 35+ years and as a professor / coordinator of a Ontario Forest Technician program for 30 years provides you with a forestry professional that has the experience to effectively communicate. Let’s do business.  Gerald Guenkel RPF

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