Chainsaw Safety Training with Bruce Grey Woodlot Association

Back in November of 2023, I had the opportunity to provide a one day ‘Chainsaw Awareness’ course to 11 BGWA members. It was jam packed with interest, willingness to learn and lots of questions. As part of the course, each participant got a copy of the Ontario based chainsaw safety handbook: The Cutting Edge. (read the excerpt from BGWA Newsletter – 2023) Student Course Reviews

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It’s taken a bit of time, but here we are! I’m setting up this website to provide forest based information, links and of course my services. My background as a registered professional forester for 35+ years and as a professor / coordinator of a Ontario Forest Technician program for 30 years provides you with a forestry professional that has the experience to effectively communicate. Let’s do business. ¬†Gerald Guenkel RPF

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