Forestry Consulting

Conifer Forest Projection for Northumberland County Forest

The County forest required a reliable growth projection over the next 20 years for their conifer plantations (white and red pine). To make this happen, we used Density Management DiagramsĀ for Ontario to project the 220+ stands into the future. This provided the client with realistic volume, BA and stems per hectare data, and biologically appropriate timings for thinnings in each stand. The project required working with the client’s data via spreadsheets, pivot tables and QGIS.


One Week Forest Products Course

To meet the timelines specified by the, Union of Ontario Indians, I redesigned a classic semester long Forest Products course to be delivered in one week for students enrolled with the Anishinabek Educational Institute.

The attending students from different First Nations appreciated the focus on hands-on skill development throughout the week.

I had the honour of attending their graduation ceremony.