Our Goal:

  • Provide  practical chainsaw safety training to absolute beginners to experienced saw operators
  • follow the safety protocals established by Ontario’s Workplace Safety North
  • provide training at the client’s location

How does this look like? We have three options for training.

1/ Chainsaw Safety Awareness. This is for someone considering the use of a chainsaw, someone working around fellow employees with chainsaws, absolute beginner chainsaw operators or someone looking for a quick refresher on chainsaw safety.  Course is one day long. (1/2 day in the bush)

2/ Basic Chainsaw Safety Course. This is for the absolute beginner to someone who has used a chainsaw. This course spends time with maintenance, filing, equipment and dealing with problem trees. Course is two days long. (1.5 days in the bush)

Chainsaw Safety Course. This course has the same components  as the Basic Chainsaw Safety course, but spends greater amount of time ensuring the participants develop sound competencies in the use of their chainsaw in a forest setting. Course is 3 days long. (2 days in the bush)


Gerald Guenkel’s Qualifications

  • certified chainsaw instructor for 30+ years
  • taught students from 18 to 75 years in age
  •  experienced user of chainsaws and the needed accessory equipment (including the Cutting Edge handbook that is provided to all participants in any of the courses)
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